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How to make an Air Peak Flow Sensor ?

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How to make an Air Peak Flow Sensor ?

Designing a sensor board to interface with any microprocessor board to measure air peak flow and display value in mV. You can interface it with Aurdino microprocessor, PICAXE, BasicStamp or any other microprocessor chip.

For this project we are using the PICAXE chip on the M28 board:

The sensor we are using is an Electret microphone which detect the audio generated when the air is being pump into the guided tube. The detected signal is then fed into to PICAXE 28x2 chip ADC input denoted as ADC0 on the M28 printed circuit board. And the resultant level is then display on the LCD display in mV.

To learn more about the schematic + the PICAXE program you can download free by completing a simple survey or buy it here.

Peak Flow Sensor with PICAXE & LCD connection Peak Flow Sensor Board